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Das Netzwerk unserer ausgestellten und betreuten Künstler wächst stetig und baut nicht selten auf intensiven Freundschaften auf oder führt zu solchen. Für uns ist ein freundschaftlicher Austausch die beste Basis für eine langfristige Zusammenarbeit.

Neue Künstlerinnen in der ARP Galerie:

Manfred Maria Rubrecht, Francois Paris, Anja Wülfing, Jürgen Stenger, Oksana Bergen, Emanuel De Sousa, Jochen Stenger,  Luis Höger, Achim Ripperger, 

Mia America



Mari arp

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Birgit Feil



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Macherin, Sammlerin, Künstlerin 

marcel kimble

Anna Kruhelska


Anna Kruhelska is a visual artist and practising architect from Lodz in Poland. She has worked as an architect on a vast array of major projects in Russia, Malaysia, and the UK, all of which has formed her understanding of form, symmetry and space, and given her a knowledge which has allowed her to cultivate a congruous and innovative contemporary practice.

Kruhelska focuses on abstract, three-dimensional paper wall reliefs that work by reflecting light - with the overall effect dependant on the viewer’s perspective. The central concept of her work is the interplay between light and shade, contrast, and the repetitive patterns created by the folds and hollows in the work.

Inspired by minimalism, architectural composition, geometry and origami Anna creates clean, crisp, often white-on-white framed wall installations. The artworks are beautifully presented and often work alongside one another in formation so, although not officially diptychs, very often the artworks appear to flow from one frame to the next.

Markus koch


Achim ripperger

Emanuel de sousa

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Daniela Schweinsberg


jörg strobel

Fabio Vogel // Vogel Studio

Vogel Studio

We make objects and interior. Our objects include furniture, accessories and contemporary collectible design pieces. We work with global brands or with private individuals on bespoke projects or on free projects.

The act of making is vital to us. We make the most of our work in our studio or with professionals in their field which became friends and understand our way of work and thinking.

The way of working depends on the project. It is never the same. We don´t have a fixed method, this means a continuously process of learning and extensions of our skills. Experimenting and playing with materials are very important to us. This often leads to untouched ideas.

For us the border between art and design is like a gradient. Both can be found in our work.

 Fabio Vogel

Born in Germany and raised in Portugal, Fabio Vogel graduated from Burg Giebichenstein with a Masters in Interior and Furniture Design (2016). Driven by how one interacts with things, Fabio loves to combine ideas with experiences and unconventional materials and textures. The aim is to design, transform and create functionally and visually beautiful products.

Since 2015, Fabio works with various organizations and companies such as Aesop, COS, Andreas Murkudis and Bolia, producing own studio work ranging from furniture to product design and accessories.

Since 2016 he has a lectureship in the field of furniture at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) in Hildesheim.

Since 2019 he has a lectureship in the field of basic teaching at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) in Hildesheim. 

sebastian wehrle

Anja Wülfing